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Damn Yankees

Playing Lola at the Landon Theatre

"Tierney, whose lipstick and outfits are as red as her name, looks as good as she acts, as good as she sings. Appealing to every red-blooded male in the house, she drapes herself around Boyd, desperately trying to lead him into temptation as her big solo, a tango-themed Whatever Lola Wants is not far short of meriting the great Charles Spencer's description of 'pure theatrical Viagra'".
Jonathan Baz,

"Poppy Tierney made a lush and pouting Lola. She sang and danced convincingly and made the most of the Carry On aspects of her character.. Tierney adeptly showed the contradictions in Lola and when she turned on the Devil, the groundwork had been properly laid."
Stephen Collins,

"Poppy Tierney has a back to die for in 'that dress' and makes light work of the famous 'Whatever Lola Wants' number."
Jody Tranter,

"..the libidinous Lola, is given a definitive performance by Poppy Tierney, seductive in the extreme and with a wicked turn of phrase."
Michael Darvell,

"Poppy Tierney is indisputably beautiful, and she’s incredibly alluring as the femme fatale, making a Jessica Rabbit-like entrance in a figure-hugging backless dress.."
Ginger Hibiscus,

"Jonathan D Ellis and Poppy Tierney made a wonderfully devilish duo of Mr Applegate and Lola. Ellis finds his spotlight, along with many laughs, in the crowd-pleasing “Those Were The Good Old Days”. And Tierney expertly tempts Joe Hardy down the wrong path in “Whatever Lola Wants” and shows her dancing skills in the Fosse classic, “Who’s Got the Pain?”"
Richard Brownlie-Marshall,


Aspects of Love

Playing Guiliutta Trapani in the UK Tour

"Poppy Tierney is magnificent as Guilietta - both sexy and fragile. And her rendition of 'There is More to Love' is a knock-out performance"  

Broadway World


"Poppy Tierney has a voice that rivals her looks - rich and striking"

Hexham Courant


"..the show is stolen by the two leading ladies.. with beautiful voices that do justice to Lloyd Webber's art." 

Milton-Keynes Advertiser.


My Fair Lady

Playing Eliza Doolittle int the No 1 Scandinavian Tour

" curtain fall she has seduced everyone in the auditorium."



"..not only Poppy looks as lovely as Audrey Hepburn, but contrary to Audrey, Poppy can sing.. a very wonderful job."



" believes one sees Audrey Hepburn.."

Vejle Amts Folkeblad


" beautiful to behold.. sings with supreme abilty.."

Berlingske Tidende


Batman Live

Playing Harley Quinn in the World Arena Tour

"The stand out performance of the night came from Poppy Tierney as Harley Quinn who was fun, naive and deadly in equal measure.. Harley was definitely the star of the show.."

Emma Murray,


"Among the cast for villains, it is Poppy Tierney who steals the show, playing the Joker's side-kick, Harley quinn, as a demented, dumbed-down Cyndi Lauper."

Tim Cooper, The Sunday Times


"Then there’s Harley Quinn.. From the moment she’s introduced she steals the show, not only providing a measure of comic relief, but also one of the more sympathetic, better written characters in the piece as well. While that has a lot to do with the character, it’s clear that most of this is down to Poppy Tierney’s performance."

Brendon Connelly,


"..the cast were all admirable, especially Poppy Tierney as Harley Quinn, who stole the show from the Joker and was easily the best of the bad guys.."

Gary Collinson,


Witches of Eastwick

Playing Jane Smart in the UK Tour

"..Poppy Tierney stands out particularly as repressed, insular Jane whose transformation to sex kitten is the most extreme during her song 'Waiting for the Music to Begin'."

David Chaadderton, British Theatre Guide


"Sukie (Rebecca Thornhill), Alexandra (Ria Jones) and Jane (Poppy Tierney) were first rate. It was a real treat to sit back and watch talented musical theatre professionals at work."

Manchester Evening News


"When Ria Jones (Alexandra), Rebecca Thornhill (Sukie) and Poppy Tierney (Jane) sang the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and when they sang together, I tingled from head to foot."



"Our witches in the making are well cast.. They all boast great voices, particularly Poppy Tierney, and work wonderfully well in harmony, not to mention alongside and astride Mr Pellow."
Dom Henry,



Playing Svetlana in the UK Tour

"..the excellent Poppy Tierney, as Svetlana, makes a strong impression.. Her ‘I Know Him So Well’ duet with White was beautifully done."

Keith Paterson, WhatsOnStage


"..Poppy Tierney shines as the spurned wife.."

Andrew Chappell, Daily Echo


"Poppy and Shona's rendition of the signature song, "I know him so well," was undoubtedly the high point of the evening, rivalling even the Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson recorded version with which it must inevitably be compared.."

Don Gillan,


My Fair Lady

Playing Eliza Doolittle in the Bronowski Productions, Kuala Lumpur production

" of the cast may run the risk of not being noticed at all while the audience is mesmerized by Poppy Tierney.."

New Straits Times


"..Tierney is brilliant as Eliza.."

The Star Online


Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Playing Tess at the Savoy Theatre, London and UK Tour

"Poppy Tierney, a darkly beguiling  pre-raphaelite beauty with a voice of soaring purity and power."

Charles Spencer, The Daily Telegraph


"Poppy Tierney thrilled extravagantly in the title role on opening night."

Bill Hagerty, News Of The World


"Poppy Tierney turned in a stunning performance, throughly believeable dramatically and magnificent vocally."

Sheffield Telegraph


Absent Friends

Playing Evelyn in the UK Tour

"Poppy Tierney is delightfully anti-social as Evelyn."

Oldham Evening Chronicle


"It is this young, bored wife Evelyn (Poppy Tierney) who provides the only semblance of sanity in the group of friends. Tierney chews gum and raises her eyebrows to accusations and pleasantries throughout. She delivers some fantastic lines with a disinterested drawl."

Sophie Charara, What's On Stage


Romeo and Juliet

Playing Juliet at the Pavillion Theatre Dunlaoghaire

"..the performances by the three female leads, particularly Poppy Tierney' s Juliet, are outstanding."

Evening Herald


"..committed and engaged performances from her large ensemble, particularly from Poppy Tierney as a wilful and naive Juliet.."

Sunday Tribune


"..Poppy Tierney is a beautiful and sensuous Juliet."

The Irish Examiner


Witches of Eastwick

Playing Alexandra Spofford at the Watermill Theatre

"..Poppy Tierney is a revelation as Alexandra Spofford.."

Julie Watterston, Musical Theatre Review


"..the tremendous title trio of Tiffany Graves, Joanna Hickman and Poppy Tierney are equal to their West End’s predecessors.."

Mark Shenton, The Stage


"All three give dynamic performances that are a joy to watch."

Robin Strapp, British Theatre Guide


Letters to Felice

Playing Felice at the Pavilion Theatre Dunlaoghaire

"Poppy Tierney gives an assured performance throughout and the element of melodrama gives full vent to the emotional turmoil of her frustrated love."

Sarah Mac Donald, RTE


"The beautiful Poppy Tierney has great stage presence as Felice.."

The Examiner


Playing The Mistress in the National Tour

"The most beautiful voice of the night, however, belongs to Poppy Tierney as Peron's mistress, with a truly moving Another Suitcase In Another Hall."

Evening News


"..soft and wistful in Another Suitcase In Another Hall, exquisitely sung by Poppy Tierney."

Eastbourne Herald


"A star is born in the form of Poppy Tierney, who as Juan Peron's young mistress performs wonderfully.."

Roger Love, West Sussex Gazette


"One of the musicals highlights of the evening is Poppy Tierney's sweet rendition of Another Suitcase In Another Hall, as Peron's mistress. Her gentle resignation is genuinely affecting."

News Shopper


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